Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Financial Support for University

Just a quick email to make sure that any students who have applied to study with Anglia Ruskin University in 2012 are aware that they can apply for their scholarships and fee waivers. We know that any student has concerns about juggling their finances, so please do apply.

The Anglia Ruskin National Scholarship Programme is worth a total of £6,800 in the form of fee waivers over 3 years and it’s available to eligible students with a household income below £25,000.

The Anglia Ruskin Fee Waiver Scheme is worth up to £1500 per year of study and could reduce the cost of annual tuition fees for students with household incomes of below £35,000

As you can see it really is worth students looking into this further by going to the ARU website and making an application.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

IT opportunities at Capgemini

Logo: Capgemini
Are you passionate about IT? Want to get paid for doing what you love?

If you are passionate about IT, Capgemini offers a challenging and rewarding career and is inviting applications for both its Advanced Apprentice and Higher Apprentice Sponsored Degree programmes.

Click here for more information.

Opportunities with Visa-Europe

Are you hard working, talented and looking to work for a major brand in the UK? Apply NOW for your chance to join the Visa Eurpoe Technology Higher Apprenticeship programme for 2012

If you are leaving school or college this summer Visa Europe can offer you the perfect opportunity to earn while you learn and build an exciting new career.

Click here for more information

Trainee Manager positions with Sainsbury's

 If you would like to find out more about opportunities at Sainsbury's, please click here

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

What kind of person are you?! An Interactive film

Have you ever wondered how employers might see you?  Have you ever wondered what kind of a person you really are?  Do the words  "Psychometric Test" mean anything to you? If the answer to any of these questions is "Yes", or if in fact you are simply interested in looking into these issues, then a company called Reckitt and Benckiser have recently released an online, interactive type of character-profiling assessment for you to do.  It is called the Insanely Driven Experience!

Sounds like a box ticking exercise?  WRONG!  This is what is so original about their tool.  Instead of sitting down and ticking boxes about your likes and dislikes, you watch an entertaining (and admittedly surreal!) short film, the outcome of which is determined by your choices to questions that the actors pose.  Simply use your mouse/cursor to indicate your choices, and influence the film accordingly.  It takes about 10 minutes overall and it is more like a game than anything else.  The clever thing about this approach is that the more you immerse yourself in the film, the less likely you are to want to "cheat" your way to a better outcome, and the more fun you will have developing an accurate result.

The results are displayed in a short, downloadable document, giving a profile for you and pointing out your main character traits.  Of course, this is only a tool, and limited by the questions posed and answers given, but it is a really good way to tap into "who you are", and a great start on the road to self-awareness and how this might influence your future career choice.

Have a go by clicking on the following link:

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Progression from Universities in London - What do graduates go on to do?

Whether you are interested in going to University in London, or not, you might find the link below an interesting insight into what graduates go on to do after they leave.  This site has been produced by the University of London and gives data about thier graduate's destinations, companies involved, average salaries, Industry sectors etc.  Just click below... 

Opportunities with Jaguar / Landrover

How would you like to secure yourself an opportunity working for one of the countries top vehicle manufacturers?  As well as a job, how would you like to be sponsored through a degree?!  Click below to look at current opportunities with Jaguar Landrover and their Apprenticship to Degree programme...

Monday, 16 April 2012

Tesco's Commercial Trainee Programme

Logo: TescoLooking at your career options? Not sure university is the right path for you?

We know the next step isn’t an easy one, lots of choices available to you, but which one do you take? Everyone has an opinion on what’s right for you. Know you’re ready for the challenge of work, want to earn a decent salary, but want a job and opportunity that can develop into a career?

This could be the one for you... Tesco’s Commercial Trainee Programme which has been developed this year, has 30 places for ambitious A level students to join the Commercial function in Head Office, as either a Trainee Buyer or Trainee Merchandiser. This isn’t an easy option, it’s a fast paced environment where you’ll be stretched and developed to your full potential. It’ll be challenging but the rewards and long term career opportunities are first class.

So what does a buyer and merchandiser do?

When you go into a store to buy your favourite product, somewhere in a head office a buyer will have created and developed that product as part of a range. Buyers identify key trends, make commercial decisions, and develop product specifications, to ensure a product is fit for purpose. Travelling locally and internationally to work with the best suppliers to get the right price for the customer. So whether its fashion and clothing that sets your pulse racing or it’s the latest console and gaming innovation, you could be part of a team that ensures our customers get to buy the products they want, at the right price.

More interested in the business side of the team, want to control the purse strings and make decisions that affect profit and margin. What to decide how big that range is, the volumes we buy from the suppliers and which suppliers to use, then Merchandising is where your strengths could lie. You could be managing million pound accounts in just a couple of years, making key decisions that drive the growth of Tesco.

The Commercial Trainee Programme is a structured programme in which you can join the business as a Trainee and develop your career to be a senior member of the team as either a Buyer or a Merchandiser, specialising in any of the product areas that Tesco sell from Food to Fashion, from Sports Equipment to Game Consoles. The programme will ensure you get the training, development and support to reach your true potential.

Tesco has a history of developing leaders from within the business, and many of the Senior Leaders started on one of the entry level programmes. Tesco has for a number of years operated a Stores Development Programme which coupled with the apprenticeship opportunities, has enabled young people to start their retail career within an environment which offers immediate challenges, rapid progression and a lasting career with Britain's number one retailer.

Building upon this success, Tesco have developed this entry level opportunities within the commercial Function to ensure talented, driven and commercially aware individuals have the opportunity to get on at Tesco in an exciting and fast paced career.

"These opportunities are at the heart of our business – the commercial team are fundamentally the people who decide what products go on the shelves and bring the customers into the stores."

We are looking for bright individuals, who have a passion for retail and understand product. You will need to be able to put these two attributes together in a commercial way, thinking about the customer, keeping them at the ‘heart of what we do’. You will also need to be numerical, able to process data, organised and a logical thinker. Tesco is a dynamic and fast paced environment, and would suit those who are able to challenge themselves on a daily basis.

So if you have 240 UCAS points and are looking to get started in the work place, then this opportunity could be where your career starts.

Application Process

• Stage 1: Online Application

• Stage 2:Telephone Interview

• Stage 3: Online verbal and numerical reasoning tests

• Stage 4: Assessment Centre

Start dates:

• June 2012

• October 2012


• Welwyn Garden City in Herts for Clothing and General Merchandising opportunities

• Cheshunt in Herts for opportunities in Food buying.

Want to know more, details about the programme and how to apply can be found at: