Friday, 16 March 2018

Thank you to visitors at Long Road Sixth Form College

Long Road Sixth Form College would formally like to thank the broad range of organisations who took part in Wednesday's Annual Careers and Progression Event.  Feedback from all concerned was very positive and some students even left having sorted out the next steps in their pursuit of an Apprenticeship.

Just because someone's ethnicity isn't 'white caucasian', it doesn't mean that they want to be an expert on race

The assumption that BAME academics will study race, or bring an element of racial politics, into their work is as pernicious as expecting women to focus on gender.

Both are lazy – but also prevalent. This week on the network we heard from Jennifer Chisholm, a black PhD student, who took us through her conflicting feelings about studying race. On the one hand, she felt empowered to know that white academics will automatically see her as an authority, on the other, she worried about pigeon-holing herself. The answer, she argued, is for universities to foster nurturing and supportive environments in which academics from all backgrounds can feel comfortable exploring their skills and interests.

Source: The Guardian, 14th March, 2018