Tuesday, 6 December 2011

UK Employers out of touch with Generation Facebook

Employers who impose strict policies against the use of social networking tools designed for business are at risk of alienating ‘Generation Facebook’ from joining their organisation. Nearly half (47.8%) of younger workers (aged 16 – 24) claim they would not work for companies who impose such measures, according to new research from "hyphen", the recruitment solutions provider.

The research finds that the use of online networking sites such as LinkedIn while at work is now an expected norm for younger people. Nearly two thirds (58.7%) of ‘Generation Facebook’ believe that having access to social networking tools at work actually increases their effectiveness as an employee.

The research also suggests that employer concerns over employees wasting time on social networking sites could be ill – founded with over half (55.5%) of the total workforce claiming to spend less than 10 minutes a day on their personal affairs and, of this, close to a third (31.3%) not spending any time at all using social media for personal use during work time.