Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Careers News: BT Applications now open!

The 2009 BT Apprenticeship Scheme is now open until 19th January! Read the following message for tips on how to apply successfully (and make sure to read it all before you proceed).

Click on to apply.

BT expect a huge number of people to apply in the first week so warn applicants that they might experience difficulties getting onto the system at first. If this happens try again the following day.

Top Tips
First off, watch the film in this Cmail and also in the video lounge of bt4me. These will give applicants a better understanding of which apprenticeship suits them so they know which one to apply for. When they apply, applicants will need to check that they fill in all the fields correctly. If they fail to do this their application will not be taken further. Applicants will also need to make sure they answer all four questions on the application form with full answers and check their spellings because the answers they give here are what BT will base their second stage sift on.

Start to get documents ready: anyone lucky enough to be invited to one of the BT Hub Days in March and April will need to bring their passport and exam certificates with them. If they do not have these, make sure they know to apply for them now so they are ready for the Hubs. If they follow all of these tips they''ll be ready to apply here!

Construction Industry - Resources in the Careers Library

Following a review of resources in the careers library, please find below a list of all information regarding the Construction Industry. Furthermore, there is a display for you to look at currently in the careers library. If you would like access to any of these resources, just come and ask...

Working in Construction & the built environment
(Connexions booklet 2007)

Covers various jobs from Trainee Architect through Joiner to Apprentice Leakage Field Technician.
Each job focuses on a person in that role and explains the route they took to get there.
Briefly describes what they do.
Gives related jobs & a guide to salary.
Easy to follow lay-out with clear information for each job described. Published in 2007 so, the salary information is fairly up to date. Lots of website addresses for self research.

Real Life Guides: Plumbing
Real Life Guide: Construction


· Background information about plumbing, training, tools of the trade & possible problem areas.
· Case studies of 3 people – how they qualified.
· Chapter on training, pay, holidays & working abroad.
· Useful websites.

Does what it says on the cover and is broken down into chapters that follow on logically. Interesting ‘did you know’ facts dotted through the book. “The Last Word” should only be used loosely – don’t change your mind as a result of the tick list.

At the moment, we also have some leaflets and CD ROMS available by:

RICS prospectus of surveying education
The Royal Academy of Engineering

British Plumbing Employers Council
Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors
JTL (Gujerati and Bengali versions)
JTLWomen in Electrotechnical Industry
JTL Electricians
JTL Plumbing and Mechanical Engineering Services
JTL Women in Plumbing and Mechanical Engineering Services
JTL Socket, The JTL Electrical Apprenticeship Magazine
JTL Your Application for a Secure Future in the Building Engineering Service Industry (Electrician, Plumber, Heating and Ventilating Fitter, Gas Fitter)
Why Not Suggest Quarrying?
The Independent Educational Publishing – The Guide: Built Environment
RICS A Career in Surveying

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

10,000 Apprenticeship Places to be created, including many in the Construction Industry

At least 10,000 apprenticeships will be created in spite of the contraction in the economy, as the bill which launches the National Apprenticeship Service was announced last week by John Denham and Ed Balls. New Government commitments are expected to see upwards of 7,000 new apprenticeships in construction, while high street giants released plans for large-scale increases in the numbers of apprenticeships they offer.

Sainsbury's, Tesco, Superdrug and Phones4u have committed to expand massively their numbers of apprenticeships, to ensure they have the right skills to stay ahead of the competition. Sainsbury's has recently quadrupled the number of apprenticeships across its stores to 465, Tesco will have a further 800, Superdrug plan a further 1,000 while Phones 4u intends to train at least 1,000 apprenticeships by next April.

Skills Secretary John Denham said: "This shows that we are well on the way to making apprenticeships a mainstream option for young people who want to get on. We anticipate that one infive of all young people will be undertaking an apprenticeship by the end of the next decade. "in 1996-97, just 65,000 people started an apprenticeship. that figure nearly trebled to 184,000 in 2006-07. But we need to go a lot further , which is why we are investing £1 billion by 2010/11.

"It's great that private sector employers are making such a commitment to, and an investment in, their workforce. We need to do the same in the public sector and must ensure that every pound invested by taxpayers not only helps deliver new infrastructure projects but will help provide the skilled workers needed in the future, and enable more people to build a strong career. Apprenticeships are an excellent way to do this."

Source: Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills, 8/12/08.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

More Apprenticeship news from BT

Following on from the Blog entry on 25th November, BT have now announced their application dates for Apprenticeships in the Cambridgeshire area. Job opportunities include training in both I.T. and Customer Services (see last entry for short films on both of these sectors).

If you would like to apply, please click on the following link for applications...LINK, and the best of luck.