Thursday, 27 November 2008

Equal Opportunities Publication

Please note that we have now received a copy of "Equality Britain" in the Careers Library. This is described as a Directory of Opportunity for 2009 and provides information for the whole of the UK, looking at a range of issues, including:
  1. employment

  2. education

  3. housing

  4. adoption and fostering

  5. sport
If you would like to take a look, just come down and ask to see it. Alternatively, if you would like to look at their website, click on this LINK.

GAP Year Opportunities for Year 13 students

Many students decide that they do not want to go straight on to University or work on completion of the A levels (or equivalent). A gap year is often the way forward for those who are making up their mind about the future and the more productively that year is spent, the more appealing students will be to future organisations they want to work with.

The Year in Industry Engineering Development Trust is recognised across the UK as one of the countries leading organisations for helping young people to find worthwhile Gap Year Placements. It's been doing it for over 20 years(!) and they have been in touch with Long Road College to let us know about a number of exciting opportunities they now have with employers such as Shell, Rolls Royce and QinetiQ to name a few. These places will be in high demand, so the earlier you apply the better. The link below gives you more information, but in the first instance, here are some of the criteria you must match up to:
  • You must be a Year 13 / Final year A level (or equivalent) student
    • Highly individual, proactive students with a thirst for knowledge and an appetite for
    • With very good grades at AS level or equivalent and high predicted grades at A2 level
    or equivalent

For more information, click on the following LINK and best of luck.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Exciting Opportunities with BT

We have just been informed about some exciting weblinks for anyone interested in work in Customer Services, or IT in the future, with one of the countries leading companies: BT.

If you would like to secure an Apprenticeship with BT in either of these job areas, then click on the links below. You will also see that we have included a short film that gives an overview (including tips) on how to successfully complete their recruitment process. Good luck...

If you are interested in Customer Services Apprenticeships, click here

If you are interested in IT Apprenticeships, click here

To find out more about the recruitment process, click here.

The application period doesn't actually open until mid-December but until then anyone interested should visit the bt4me website where they can see plenty of relevent BT apprenticeship films and sign up to Club BT. As a Club BT member you will receive updates and information about this year’s apprenticeship campaign straight to your inbox before anyone else.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Review of Library Resources - Administration, Business and Office work

Some of you may not know that the Careers Library is broken down into a range of different sections, each dealing with it's own specialism. One of the largest sections relates to Careers Information broken down into job families. Administration, Business and Office Work is an example of one of these families and we have reviewed some of the materials it contains. Below is a breakdown - have a read and you may see something that appeals to you...

Materials Review

"Working in the Civil Service" (Connexions booklet 2005)
Covers various jobs from Messenger through Court Usher to Occupational Psychologist
Each job focuses on a person in that role and explains the route they took to get there
Briefly describes what they do
Gives related jobs & a guide to salary

"Working in Management" (Connexions booklet 2005)
Covers different management roles from Managing Director through Project Manager to Heating and Plumbing Manager
Each job focuses on a person in that role and explains the route they took to get there
Briefly describes what they do
Gives related jobs & a guide to salary

"Working in Local Government" (Connexions booklet 2004)
Covers various jobs from Economic Development Office through Cleaner to Social Worker
Each job focuses on a person in that role and explains the route they took to get there
Briefly describes what they do
Gives related jobs & a guide to salary

"Getting Into Business and Management Courses" (Trotman – Revised Sixth Edition)
Aims to help you choose the right course for you. It offers advice and information on the personal and academic qualities needed to get onto the course of your choice. Topics covered include:
Qualifications and training required
Choosing your Business and Management Course
Completing your UCAS application
Work Experience
Interview tips and sample questions
Career options for the business graduate
Current issues

"Business, Management and Economics" (CRAC Degree Course Guides 2005/2006)
This guide will help you decide which course you want to follow up in more detail. The areas of interest cover:
· A degree in business or management or economics
· The courses
· The style and content of the course
· Assessment methods
· Entrance requirements
· Routes to professional qualification

There is also a file dedicated to information on careers in Administration, Business and Office Work. The following information is available in the file:

Administrative Assistant, Officer, Manager
Bilingual PA
Business Analyst
Civil Service Administrative Assistant Officer
Civil Service Executive Officer
Civil Service Management Trainee
Company Director
Company Secretary
Equal Opportunities Officer
EU Official
Farm Secretary
Health and Safety Advisor
Health and Safety Inspector
Human Resources Officer/Manager
Legal Secretary
Local Government Best Value Manager
Local Government Committee Administrator
Local Government Community Development Officer
Local Government Community Safety Officer
Local Government Customer Service Officer
Local Government Elections Officer/Manager
Local Government Environmental Health Officer/Manager
Local Government Estates Officer
Local Government External Funding Officer
Local Government Markets Officer
Local Government Regeneration Officer
Local Government Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages
Local Government Rehabilitation Worker
Local Government Revenues Officer
Local Government Trading Standards Officer
Management Consultant
Medical Receptionist
Medical Secretary
Payroll Clerk, Supervisor, Manager
Personal Assistant
Project Manager
Quality Manager
Recruitment, Employment Agency Consultant
Supervisor, Team Leader
Switchboard Operator
Word Processor, Typist

Science and Maths related films

The link below will take you through to a great new webpage, highlighting jobs related to Science and Maths, with short case studies to help you understand details about these jobs. Good luck.

Click here

Opportunities Trust

Click on the link below for a news article about the newly formed "Opportunities Trust." This organisation has been set up to help Adults with Disabilities and Mental Health problems, and may be of interest to Health and Social Care students.

Click here

Health & Social Care films

Health and Social Care students are soon to begin work experience. To support their experience of jobs outside college, we have put a few more links below to films of young people who are now working in the sector. Perhaps it will help with your ideas for the future?

  1. Care Worker with Cambridge County Council, click here
  2. Childcare with Herts County Council, click here
  3. Working as a Key Worker on a training programme for people with Special Needs: click here to find out about the e2e training programme

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Careers Films - Science/Engineering, Health and Social Care

For those of you with Science/Engineering, or Health and Social Care interests, try clicking onto the following links for short films within these sectors:

Midwifery student, click here.
Student Nurse, click here.
Adult Nursing, click here.
Childcare, click here.

Manufacture/Engineering Mechanical Apprentice, click here.
Telecoms Apprentice Fibre planner, click here.
Design and Draughting Apprentice, click here.

World Radiography Day, 2008!

Please note that November 6th 2008 is World Radiography Day and we have special guests in college to promote this area of work. We have been told that there is a large demand for people interested in this line of work, and this is your chance to find out if it could be something you would like to do in the future.

Based near the First Aid Room off the Reception area, from 9.30 to the end of the day, we will have Andrew Styling of Addenbrookes Hospital and 4 of his colleagues (including Radiography students), all promoting this line of work and freely available to answer all of your questions.

Sieze this rare opportunity to find out more about a job that is a little bit special.